Excursion Series - 3) Outdoor footwear: Crispi®, an Italian excellence

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All over the year, especially during summer season, mountains, valleys and pine forests become a popular destination for plenty of excursionists. “Excursions” is a series of 5 weekly articles to prepare yourself optimally for your outdoor activities from trekking to camping, with suggestions on clothing and equipment: which are the best fabrics to wear, which backpack model to choose, the necessary technologies for footwear, the many functionalities of the multi-tools. The series will end with an article on a topic you asked us to cover, i.e. how to prepare your survival kit - that we wrote taking a cue from the precious suggestions of professional military operators.

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Outdoor footwear: CRISPI®, an Italian excellence

When planning an outdoor activity, we know that the first thing that comes up into our head is: what shoes to wear? Choosing the right shoes is, in fact, a fundamental step, in order to avoid ruining the entire experience due to wounds, blisters, pain or soaked feet. In terms of footwear, among the various brands on the market, a company that deserves an honorable mention is certainly CRISPI®, Italian excellence since 1975 (as stated by their own Instagram username and more viral hashtag #crispisince1975). Today we will briefly retrace the history of this famous brand and we will see in detail two technologies associated with two of the CRISPI® models that happen to be suitable for all types of terrain and activities, including excursions.

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The CRISPI® company was founded in 1975 at the foot of the mountains from which the Venetian Prealps originate, in a district that has always been dedicated to the manufacture of footwear, initially as a small artisan workshop specialized in mountain boots, yet with three clear objectives: progress, evolution and innovation. Internationally well-known, it produces shoes with first choice leathers which are resistant yet very soft, with cushioning areas in the midsole to improve the absorption of microtraumas to the heel due to walking, padded collars and carefully studied shapes around the foot. Today, CRISPI® is still faithful to the philosophy of producing high-quality footwear only, in a market which is increasingly open to competition, but also increasingly prepared and able to recognize superior class footwear. CRISPI® today serves a market made up of 'specialists': the company is in fact concentrated in the production of niche items where the technology and know-how acquired in almost five decades of activity make it one of the Italian excellences and one of the most qualified brands in the outdoor sector.

Image 1: Crispi craftmanship (pic from Crispi’s IG official page @crispisince1975)

•  Technologies

GORE-TEX Performance Comfort

When we hear the word 'GORE-TEX', the first thing we think of is: waterproof. How do GORE-TEX laminates work? The secret is in the two-component membrane. The expanded PTFE part contains about 1.4 billion microscopic pores per square centimeter. Each of these pores is about 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water, but, at the same time, 700 times larger than a molecule of water vapor. These calculations can be translated into simple words as: GORE-TEX prevents water from penetrating, and, simultaneously, allows the water vapor to escape, (water vapor is sweat in gaseous form). In the structure there is also an oleophobic element (resistant to oils) which, without hindering the passage of water vapor, prevents the entry of substances such as oils, cosmetics, insect repellents or food substances. The result is a totally waterproof, windproof, extremely breathable and cold-resistant barrier, while remaining lightweight.

Image 2: GORE-TEX logo

Vibram® sole

The Vibram® sole, an Italian excellence as well, was born in 1937 from the creation of the "Carrarmato", the first rubber sole for mountaineering. For almost ninety years, Vibram® has been a world leader in the development and production of high-performance rubber soles for the outdoors, with a production of over 40 million pieces per year.

Image 3: Vibram’s first sole “Carrarmato” (pic from Vibram official website)

The main feature of Vibram® soles is undoubtedly their durability: shoes equipped with these soles can in fact last even decades, resisting particularly rough paths. It is clear that with intense and constant use, footwear could gradually lose adherence to the ground; in this case, it will be enough to make a resoling to have them as new.

Image 4: Vibram ‘s distinctive yellow octagonal logo

In general, we can say that the two essential features for a good outdoor shoe (for trekking, above all), are the GORE-TEX membrane and the Vibram® sole.

•  Models

Nevada SMU GTX

From the Crispi Elite line, suitable for intense use especially in the mountains, the Nevada SMU GTX offers protection with comfortable and high quality materials around the entire malleolus area, with a water-repellent "full grain" leather upper, rubber protection edge that protects the foot against external impacts and a midsole with a wavy module insert that ensures stability and comfort. It is equipped with the aforementioned GORE-TEX Performance Comfort technology and Vibram® sole, with shock-absorbing polyurethane midsole and C.C.F. insert.

The C.C.F. or "CRISPI® Crossbow Frame", an innovation in the field of sole cushioning system, was born from the meticulous study of the movement of the foot during walking. This plastic insert follows an articulated wavy module shape that offers excellent stability, elasticity, support and at the same time protection against impacts. Thanks to its function similar to a crossbow, it improves grip and braking even in the most difficult terrain. The removable anatomical and self-shaping composite insole CRISPI® Air Mesh Evo, made with an air mesh material that allows air circulation, gives excellent breathability and anti-sweat-anti-odor action. Visit the product page with all the details on the Nevada SMU GTX by clicking here.

Image 5: Crispi Nevada SMU GTX

Image 6: C.C.F. CRISPI® Crossbow Frame

Tiger GTX

The Tiger GTX is an extremely resistant shoe suitable for any type of terrain, designed and developed for use in operating and aviolancial environments, part of the Crispi Elite line as well. Equipped with GORE-TEX membrane for extreme versatility in any environmental condition and Vibram® rubber sole with self-cleaning shock absorbing midsole, for a firm and reliable grip on any terrain. It uses water-repellent "full grain" leather upper, differentiated structure insole, rubberized malleolus and protective toe cap and removable insole P 100 + Cambrelle®. Here you can find our Tiger GTX product page.

Whether you choose Nevada or Tiger, both of these models are reliable companions for your excursions, guaranteeing comfort, stability and waterproofness. For all other Crispi models available on our website, click here.

Image 5: Crispi Tiger GTX

This is the third article of the “Excursions” series, which will continue on our Tactykal Tips blog with two more not-to-miss articles! Coming soon: the many functionalities of Leatherman multi-tools.

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