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The "Italian Navy Day" was formally established on March 13, 1939, but the actual day to celebrate its anniversary, June 10, was chosen in memory of the feat of Premuda during the First World War, in which the commander Luigi Rizzo with two MAS sank the Austrian battleship Szent István. The patron saint of the Navy is St. Barbara, chosen in particular because she symbolizes the serenity of sacrifice in the face of inevitable danger.

Image 1: The badge of the Italian Navy is composed of a shield divided into quarters with the four Italian maritime republics: in the first quarter, on a red background, the winged lion wielding a sword, symbol of St. Mark and Venice; in the second quarter the red cross on a white background, symbol of Genoa; in the third quarter the white octagonal cross on a blue background, symbol of Amalfi; in the last quarter, the white Pisan cross on a red background, symbol of Pisa. The quarters are then surmounted by a naval crown, turreted and beaked, which the Roman Senate conferred on the victorious commanders of naval battles.

Key Points

• From the beginning to the 60s

• The 90s and the new millennium

• The Navy in its Forces

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From the beginnings to the 60s

After the end of the Second World War, the Italian Navy began to rebuild and renew itself to face the challenges of the post-war period. In 1949, Italy became a founding member of NATO, and the Italian Navy undertook a series of reforms and modernizations to adapt to new international standards. In the 1950s and 1960s, the Italian Navy participated in peacekeeping missions and fought against illegal trafficking in the Mediterranean. During the Cold War, the Italian Navy played an important role in patrolling the waters of the Mediterranean and countering threats from the Soviet bloc.

Image 2: The light aircraft carrier Cavour during the F-35B Qualification Tests.

Image 3: In the air and naval component of the Italian Navy there are also the NH-90 twin-engine multirole medium helicopters.

The 90s and the new millennium

In the 1990s, Italian Navy participated in several international peacekeeping and peaceenforcement operations, such as in the Persian Gulf during the Gulf War and in the Balkans during NATO operations in Kosovo. In the new millennium, the Italian Navy continued to be involved in international operations, such as the fight against international terrorism and the fight against piracy off the African coast up to today's EUNAVFOR ASPIDES: a maritime security operation of the European Union for the protection of freedom of navigation in the Red Sea, Persian Gulf and North Arabian Sea Areas, north of the parallel of Mogadishu. Today, the Italian Navy is a modern and well-equipped naval force, capable of dealing with a wide range of threats and participating in peacekeeping and peace enforcement missions around the world.

Image 4: The Horizon-class guided-missile destroyer Andrea Doria, underway.

Image 5: The Bergamini-class missile frigate (FREMM) Carlo Bergamini.

The Navy in its Forces

Currently, the Italian Navy is composed as follows:

- Fleet: main branch of the Navy and consists of warships, submarines, aircraft carriers/helicopter carriers, amphibious ships and logistic support ships.

- Naval Aviation: it is responsible for the training and deployment of aircraft and helicopters on board naval units for surveillance, reconnaissance, search and rescue, and attack operations.

- Naval Operations Command: responsible for planning and conducting naval operations, controlling naval units at sea, and coordinating with other armed forces.

- Divers and Raiders Command: responsible for the training and deployment of diving units and raiders for reconnaissance, sabotage and special operations missions.

- Marine Brigade "San Marco": large amphibious unit of marine infantry, they are the Landing Forces of the MM.

- Command of the Offshore Patrol Forces: it is responsible for monitoring and protecting territorial waters and national maritime interests in cooperation with other security organizations.

Congratulations to Italian Navy on the occasion of their anniversary!

Image 6: Compagnia del GOI – Gruppo Operativo Incursori parading at the parade on June 2nd.

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