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Crye Precision AirFlex™ Impact Combat Knee Pad


AirFlex™ Impact Combat Knee Pads are the latest embodiment of Crye Precision integrated joint protection system. They offer enhanced impact protection, comfort, and flexibility by incorporating dual-density foam, a unique impact absorbing cap structure, and an expanded VELCRO® attachment area. These pads exceed impact protection requirements of test standard EN14404. These pads are specifically tailored to integrate with all styles of Crye Precision Combat Pants™. Can be matched with Crye Precision AirFlex™ Impact Elbow Pad.

Crye Precision AirFlex™ Combat Knee Pad


The AirFlex™ Series represents the latest embodiment of Crye Precision patented Combat Knee Pad™ design. Designed for compatibility with Crye Precision uniforms and armor, these highly engineered technical garments are tailored for mobility and performance. The AirFlex™ Combat Knee Pad features a new flexible cap for complete freedom of movement. AirFlex™Series pads are compatible with all current and legacy apparel that accepts Crye Precision joint protection pads. AirFlex™ pads are so comfortable, light (only 0.34 lbs), and flexible you almost forget you are wearing them. Compatible with Crye Precision G3 Combat Pant™, can be matched with Crye Precision AirFlex™ Combat Elbow Pad

Vertx PRO Flexdefense Tactical Knee Pads


NEW  Part of the new Vertx PRO collection. With a revolutionary combination of hard-shell materials and soft foam construction, these knee pads provide unbeatable defense without sacrificing comfort. Featuring cutting-edge G-Form SmartFlex™️ technology, these inserts offer a contoured fit with waterproof padding to keep your knees protected in any situation. But what truly sets Vertx Knee Pads apart is their ability to adapt to impact. When at rest, the molecules repel each other, keeping the pads soft and flexible. However, upon impact, they instantly bind together, effectively dissipating energy to minimize any potential harm. Compatible with Recon X Pant and Recon Flex Pant, both from Vertx PRO collection.